Pros and Cons of Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is one of the most common materials for commercial and domestic driveways. It is a cost-efficient means to increase curb and landscape appeal. Whether you want to replace your old driveway or install a new one, asphalt can serve you for years and give you a run for your money. However, while there are numerous benefits of using asphalt for your driveway, everything has its flaws that might make it unsuitable for you. 

Here are some pros and cons you must know about asphalt driveway to make the right choice.

Pros of Asphalt Driveways-

  • Quick installation: Asphalt can be laid quickly with a minimal workforce. A new asphalt driveway can be installed within a day or two, depending on the project.
  • Readily usable: Asphalt driveways do not need much time to cure like concrete. You can use a new asphalt driveway as soon as it is installed.
  • Easy maintenance: A well-installed asphalt surface can last easily for fifteen to twenty years. It will need regular sealing to maintain its durability though.
  • Winter hardened: Asphalt is hardened against severe winter conditions like melting ice and salt residue. It does not get damaged by them, and you can clear the snow easily from the surface.   
  • Less vulnerable to cracking: Asphalt is a flexible material and does not crack easily. If it does, the crack will not widen from end to end like with concrete. You can repair it quickly, and the damage will not continue. 
  • Cost: Installing a new asphalt driveway will cost you a reasonable price compared to other materials like plain gray concrete. Customizing concrete will add to your expenses further. Asphalt will be a great choice if you want a durable and cost-effective driveway.     
  • Easy repairs: If your asphalt driveway gets damaged, you can repair it yourself. Many resurfacing, sealing, and patching materials are available in the market that you can use to extend the longevity of the asphalt surface.
  • Environmental-friendly: Asphalt surfaces do not emit gasses or chemicals into the environment. Moreover, you can heat the asphalt again to reuse it for a new surface.

Cons of Asphalt Driveways-

  • Cure time: During hot weather, the asphalt surface can take some time to harden completely. If used at such times, the soft surface will get damaged.
  • Fading: The dark black surface preferred by most people fades to a light gray with multiple uses. You may have to reseal the driveway frequently to keep the dark color.
  • Sticky texture: The asphalt driveway can become sticky due to the melting of tar, its primary component.
  • Limited design options: Asphalt is only available as black and plain surfaces, unlike concrete which you can customize for color and design according to your choices.

About Asphalt Paving by GW

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