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Creating a new driveway or parking lot of any size for your business must be done right in an effort to prevent premature damages. Cracks, pot holes, and other defects to your commercial asphalt not only affects appearances, but can pose a legal liability if an unknowing customer experiences damage to their vehicle or accidentally falls and injures themselves on your commercial property.

If you need asphalt paving at your office, church, restaurant, or store, our commercial excavating contractors in CT can do it for you by performing the necessary excavation and grading work for any area necessary. Ensuring that your blacktop is applied properly from the start ensures that you won't face any problems down the road, and protects your business from facing unnecessary expenses, and, more importantly, potential problems with your customers.
Rather than working with a company that forces you to outsource your grading and excavation work to another company, call our commercial excavating contractors in Bozrah, CT. Our grading contractors offer the complete service package to help you get the quality work you need to be done faster and at a fair rate. If you need professional commercial excavating & grading contractors in Bozrah, CT, and within your budget, you can call us at (860) 847-8787 to get a free estimate.
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Maintain Your Commercial Lot to Make it Lost Longer.

Commercial Seal Coating
With a brand-new commercial driveway or parking lot, you need to take every effort to ensure that your investment will last you for as long as possible. Commercial lots see much more traffic than residential ones, and are therefore more subject to wear and tear. Once our team has created your beautifully paved area, our excavating contractors will assist with seal coating the area. This can extend the lifespan of your asphalt for several years, preventing cracks, breaks, potholes, and weathering. This keeps your lot looking great and your customers safe.
Employ Commercial Paving Contractors You Trust to Stripe Your Asphalt.
Commercial asphalt also requires certain markings to be clearly visible to you and your customers. These roadway markings help to convey the proper direction of traffic, properly segment parking spaces, signify walkways, and properly convey handicap accessible areas that are in compliance with the ADA. Our commercial excavating contractors have years of experience in the industry. They will ensure that your retail space is correctly finished with quality striping that keeps your lot safe and up to date with your municipality's compliance codes.. 
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Lean on Asphalt Paving by GW for a complete list of commercial asphalt paving services you need to ensure your business features the best possible quality of work. We offer full-service commercial paving which includes parking lots paving, seal coating, excavating, and more. At Asphalt Paving by GW, we use state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices to provide long-lasting results for your business.

Our team of paving contractors has generations of experience executing the following commercial asphalt paving services:

Parking Lots

The parking lot is the very first place your customers set foot on, before entering your store. The commercial paving contractors at Asphalt Paving by GW use high-quality materials and workmanship to ensure your parking lot feels welcoming to your clients. We offer full-service parking lot paving services that also include striping that will leave that will guarantee organized traffic flow.
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A parking lot covered in potholes can create a bad impression on your customers, and can even go as far as damaging their vehicles. Ensure your parking lot is as smooth as possible with our commercial patching services. At Asphalt Paving by GW, we provide commercial asphalt paving and patching solutions for businesses in Northeast Connecticut.
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Just as your parking lot, your business’ driveway should be welcoming to your customers. A properly maintained and paved commercial driveway can ensure your clients get a good first impression of your business. At Asphalt Paving by GW, we offer effective commercial asphalt paving for businesses in Northeast Connecticut that includes paving from scratch, maintenance, and repairs.
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In order to fully prepare your property for new asphalt construction, quality grading services are vital. Through grading, the area is shaped to ensure that water drains properly once the new asphalt has been laid. At Asphalt Paving by GW, we offer commercial grading services that guarantee long-lasting results and prevent constant repairs and spending.
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Seal Coating

If your business’ parking lot, driveway or pathway is starting to show signs of wear and damage, seal coating might be the solution for you. Proper seal coating can rejuvenate asphalt’s look and prolong its life. The commercial paving contractors at Asphalt Paving by GW use the best equipment and materials to apply seal coating that effectively protects your asphalt from UV rays, vehicle fluids, and water.
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Crack Fill

Crack filling services can restore your asphalt’s look and ensure longevity. If your store’s parking lot, driveway or pathway is suffering from cracks, Asphalt Paving by GW offers professional crack filling services for businesses in Northeast Connecticut.
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At Asphalt Paving by GW, we are professional excavating contractors with years of experience offering commercial excavation services in Northeast Connecticut. Our excavating services will ensure your parking lot, driveway or pathway is ready for the new asphalt. We offer full-service commercial asphalt paving that includes the entire process: excavating, grading, and new asphalt construction.
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Asphalt Paving by GW’s high-quality striping services can help organize traffic flow in your store’s parking lot and prevent accidents. We offer high-quality commercial striping for businesses in Northeast Connecticut, using top-of-the line equipment and products.
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Asphalt Paving by GW provides commercial asphalt paving solutions that can upgrade your store’s looks and ensure you leave a long-lasting good impression on your clients.

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